DouaJai Yang

2D animator • illustrator


DouaJai Yang

Pronounced doo-wAH-jah yang

Graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MCAD, in Fall 2018 with a BFA in Animation. Currently located in Minnesota and she enjoys animating and storyboarding, more specifically, every day character animations. Her passion lies in mental health, drama, action, tragedies and psychological genres but loves happy endings. Although DouaJai specializes in 2D animation, she is working on her game design skills. She practices mindfulness each day to help her become a better person than she was yesterday.

Proficient In
Clip Studio Paint / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe AfterEffects / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Illustrator


Thank you!

Original Designs

This gallery consists of original designs that I created.

Fan Art

This gallery consists of art I drew based off series and characters I did not make. The name of the series and character are available in the ALT text.

About Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace is the name of my visual novel that is currently in development.

The story of the visual novel follows a young man named Tori, who cannot remember anything about his past. He is given tasks by a red paper crane to help those who have "given up" on life. If he is able to help them, a piece of his memories are returned to him. As he meets with many others, he starts to see the world in a different light.


My inspiration comes from Cheritz and also from my sisters who helped me so much with my journey in life. I want to do something that I'm proud of and something that they would be proud of me for. I wouldn't have gotten this far in life without them. I owe it all to my loving sisters who are so supportive in their own ways. This is also a tribute in never forgetting the people who have helped me on my journey thus far.
Thank you all so much for your blessings!


Last Night by Skillet / One More Light by Linkin Park / Saving Me by Nickelback
Everything by Lighthouse / 1-800 by Logic / Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon

Seeking Solace Initial Gallery

This gallery contains images and gifs of my senior project for 2018. It includes my final illustration poster, rough sketches/character designs, character turnarounds, background, rough animation, animatics/storyboards and potential character movement for in game. These are the first early drafts.

Work in progress animatics.

Sennel // Seeking Solace

Artist name: DouaJai AKA Sennel
Studio name: Seeking Solace
Works of art that I make for artist alley. Consists of charms, bookmarks, prints, buttons, and stickers (only if allowed). Majority of my merchandise are buttons and charms.

Coming soon!

Available for PDF download.

For One (1) Single Charm